Saturday, 23 June 2007

Even more free advice!

I dessa midsommartider, när alla svenskar härmar allehanda djur och svunna yrken runt stången, passar det bra att erbjuda den tredje engelska översättningen av Klurendrejeriet för dummies. Glöm inte bort att rösta för nästa ledtråd (se torsdagens meddelande)!

When all the Swedes are busy imitating animals and long-lost occupations around the Maypoles, what could fit better than a translation of Klurendrejeriet for dummies? If you would rather have an extra clue, make sure you vote for the question you find hardest (see Thursday's post).

Klurendrejeriet for dummies
3. INFORMATION GATHERING. Internet offers a lot of information and is a vital part when solving the riddles in Klurendrejeriet. Sometimes though, there is little to perform an actual search on and the good old dictionary or a good friend will be more useful. Once you have the correct answer, the internet is an indispensible source to verify that answer.

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