Saturday, 30 June 2007

Klurendrejeriet for dummies (part 4)

Här nedan följer en engelsk översättning av de tips som gavs på svenska lagom till Klurendrejeriet® mini förra året.

Here is the English translation of the suggestions given in Klurendrejeriet® mini last year, titled:

Klurendrejeriet for dummies
"4. TEAMS AND BOUNCE PEOPLE. Very few people have the mental strength or knowledge to solve all questions by themselves. It is therefore advantageous to form a team among your friends or family (Klurendrejeriet runs during the holiday season!). It is best, however, if your team is not too large, since the value of the questions is approximately inversly proportional to the number of correct answer to that question. This also means that if you, as the sole participant, hands in the correct solution to the highest valued question almost automatically have earned a seat in the final."

Note: The point value rules only apply to the original Klurendrejeriet® and not Klurendrejeriet® mini, where the points do not matter (since no one is keeping score!).

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