Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Klurendrejeriet for dummies (part 5)

Här följer en engelsk översättning av den sista delen av Klurendrejeriet för dummies som gavs ut på svenska (och återfinns längst ner på denna blogg) i samband med Klurendrejeriet® mini förra året.

Follow my advice and you will succeed!

Here is the English translation of the suggestions given in Klurendrejeriet® mini last year, titled:

Klurendrejeriet for dummies
"5. TAKE IT EASY! There is little to be gained by rushing - unless one is after the time-limited final seat - so do not forget to relax while you solve. Before you know it, the answer pops up on tv, in a magazine or spontaneously by itself in your head. Make sure to write down this impulse before it goes away! People solving riddles in Klurendrejeriet® are always on their toes, even in their when not solving actively. Sleep is just a relaxed state with closed eyes."

Note: There is no time-limited final seat in Klurendrejeriet® mini, but your answers need to be sent in by 13 October. This was the last part of Klurendrejeriet för dummies to be translated. You can find the Swedish original on the bottom on the blog and the four first parts by clicking on the label dummies just below this text.

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