Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Swedish 101 (part 8)

Här följer den åttonde delen i Klurbloggens lektion om Sverige och svenska företeelser. Håller du inte med? Besvara då detta inlägg med en kommentar.

The official start of Sweden.

Sweden is often referred to as being a small country, when in fact it is the 55th largest country area-wise. The country streches from
Smygehuk in the south (55°20'13" N, 13°21'34" E) to Treriksröset in the north (69°03'36" N, 20°32'55" E), as well as the islets Stora Drammen in the west (58°55'43" N, 10°57'27" E) and Kataja in the east (65°42'0" N, 24°10'0" E). When it comes to population, Sweden drops to 88th place with its 9.1 million inhabitants but that is still in the top half. The combination between the two, however, causes Sweden to end up with of a mere 20 persons per square kilometer. Then again, Sweden's two land-linked neighbours, Finland and Norway, both have an even lower population density at 15.5 and 12 person per square kilometer, respectively. No wonder there is still true wilderness in the northern part of the Scandinavian Peninsula!

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