Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Tillägg (Addendum)

Det framgick inte igår, men kungen har även synts som ledtråd i fråga 2. ETT TU, BRUTE (20 juni), men denna ledtråd har ingen egentlig koppling till någon av de nämnda fotbollsklubbarna. Å andra sidan skulle bådas främsta "sifferkombination" motsvara talet 8.

Brothers in årms?

It was obvious yesterday, but the Swedish king has also been seen as a clue in question 2. ETT TU, BRUTE (
20 June), but this clue have no real connection to either of the football clubs mentioned. On the other hand, the "number combination" connected to the two of them would correspond to the number 8.


Non-Swede said...

Hej! This is all Swedish to me. Will there be some more "international" clues?

Mr. Klur said...

Hej, non-swede! Naturally Klurendrejeriet® and its summertime spin-off Klurendrejeriet® mini are both Swedish-oriented, just like Tour de France has to do with France and bikes (and sadly, in recent years, doping)! This does not mean that all the questions have to do with Sweden (or that all cyclists cheat!), and Klurendrejeriet® is in fact more international than the Tour de France even though it regularly visits neighbouring countries!

On average, one third of the questions in a contest are truly Swedish (but still solvable for non-Swedes), the second third may sound Swedish but are "international" (thus even slightly trickier for Swedes), and the remaining third are truly international (that is to say, non-Swedish). For solvers, however, this classification may not be obvious until the solution has been reached. As for Klurendrejeriet® mini 2007, question 1 would fall in the second category, question 2 in the third, and question 3 in the first.

When it comes to more "international" clues, we will do our best to dilute any nationality-based bias introduced during the past two days starting tomorrow and continuing on Friday with two fresh truly "international" hints!